at its heart, a photograph is light and shadow, and the spaces between.  it is mercurial and moody, and it illuminates the world in ways that words cannot.  it is a disclosure, a deception, captured time.  photographer duane michals calls it “the idea of alchemy, of making something from nothing.”  photography injects the past into the present, and explains us to ourselves.



about leeanne mallonee 

though i began with traditional cameras in the 90’s, my increasing love of the abstract drew me away until the merging of cameras and computers.  digital photography offers an explosion of possibilities for the kind of spontaneous art-making i love.  experiments with pinhole cameras, computer web-cams, and various digital cameras taught me to focus on form, color, and movement.  for several years, my camera of choice was an iphone, which i loved especially for its ability to take low-light shots when i roamed the house and streets at night.  i now shoot with a dslr, and studies at maine media workshops have intensified for me a love affair with black and white work.

many years as a calligrapher and graphic designer have honed my compositional eye, and a lifetime of choral singing informs every image.  my disclosure, my captured time, my alchemy is what i share with you.

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